04.01.2016 Safety First!

We had to go to an apartment in Brussels to check for loose material, now it's all safe again!

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13.11.2015 Windturbine lunchbreak!

It doesn't have to be work work work all day, lunchbreak up in the air!

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28.10.2015 Emergency wind turbine!

We had to make an emergency visit to a wind turbine in Antwerp!

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21.09.2015 Preparations for banner installation

Today we visited a tower in Brussels to measure the building for an upcoming project. We need to fix banners on all 4 sides, the dimensions being 30m x 15m per side. You want to know more about this, or perhaps do the same relooking to your building? Please check this page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

15.08.2015 Inspection of prison roof

Today we took a look at a special working site, where some lights need to be replaced. Going to be particularly interesting bringing climbing gear into a prison!

14.08.2015 Cooling tower offer

We just sent an offer out for concrete repair of two cooling towers. This will be one of the biggest tasks we have ever done.

20.07.2015 What’s next? Off to Antwerp

For our newest project we go to Antwerp. The scaffolding is gone and some things couldn’t be finished on time, so our rope access technicians will do the job. You are in a similar situation? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

17.07.2015 Paint repairs and corrections

Two of our technicians finished a job in Brussels. The paint was cracking and needed a new layer. Not a big enough job for scaffolding - perfect for rope access.

13.07.2015 Fixing old chimney

A big metal collar which is moving a bit further in every big storm, bit by bit closer to falling down almost 40m to the car park below. Our client wanted to solve that problem urgently so we sent two technicians on who removed it in no time. Nobody on the ground has to be scared anymore. We'll be back in a month to refit a new collar.

10.07.2015 Finished big job in Liege

Assembling an enormous aluminium structure on the very top of a new build. Solar panel supports, snow and lightning protection at heights of up to 130m.



Capaxis had its roots in the UK, before relocating its main offices to Belgium. The company possesses operating centres in Brussels and Wavre and has considerable experience in national and international contracts. The history of the company as well as its structure enables us to adopt a flexible attitude and combines the technical possibilities of a company of our size and experience with the advantages of a local base.


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