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We are often looking for personnel, either rope accessed qualified or not. If you have trade skills that we need, we can take you on and give you your access qualifications. After all, once you are safely at the work site, it's how well you do the job that is important.

We have teams of both permanent and sub-contracted people. Most are IRATA qualified technicians but we also have 'gofers' for ground control and other tasks. We have had a number of people, of both sexes, start as gofers, see what the job entails, and then get their IRATA certification to work on the ropes. We have taken personnel all the way from gofer to Level 3 Supervisor.


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A final note


If you wish to work on the ropes, as well as being reasonably fit, you need to be free from the following:

  • Heart disease / chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Epilepsy, fits and blackouts
  • Fear of heights
  • Giddiness, balance difficulties
  • Impaired limb function
  • Alcohol or drug dependence
  • Psychiatric illness
  • Diabetes




Capaxis had its roots in the UK, before relocating its main offices to Belgium. The company possesses operating centres in Brussels and Wavre and has considerable experience in national and international contracts. The history of the company as well as its structure enables us to adopt a flexible attitude and combines the technical possibilities of a company of our size and experience with the advantages of a local base.


Head Office
Krommeweg 31A
1640 Brussels (RSG)

Tel: +32 475 930232


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