Some answers to the questions we are often asked.


Is it safe?

Industrial rope access (as with all works at height) is defined as being potentially hazardous, but the hazards can be identified and the risks managed in order to produce a safe system of work. In the UK, industrial rope access boasts the best safety statistics in the entire access industry. Through training and professionalism we produce a safe system of work for every situation.


What are your height limits?

We have no height limits.


What are your weight limits?

Through careful rigging, we can manoeuvre items up to approximately 150kgs in weight.


How can I look at the problem?

We use digital cameras to provide instant images of particular areas and have the capability to email those images direct from the worksite to your desktop. We can, if asked, also supervise the client abseiling himself to the work site.


What about the health and safety regulations?

IRATA and the HSE have worked together over the last 15 years to ensure that we maximise efficiency whilst remaining as safe as possible. Ours is one of the most tightly controlled industries in the business.


What can you use for anchor points?

In accordance with current guidelines, our competent personnel can assess the suitability of available anchor points. There are usually sufficient independent points at each site. On the rare occasions there is nothing suitable, we are able to use free-weight anchors, fit anchor bolts or even use an anchor on the ground on the other side of the structure. Rope access is all about safe flexibility.


Are you CIS registered?

Yes, we hold a current CIS 6 certificate. We require all sub-contracted independent technicians to hold CIS 4 cards.


Will you charge just to come and have a look?

No, we will come and estimate completely free of charge (and obligation!)


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Capaxis had its roots in the UK, before relocating its main offices to Belgium. The company possesses operating centres in Brussels and Wavre and has considerable experience in national and international contracts. The history of the company as well as its structure enables us to adopt a flexible attitude and combines the technical possibilities of a company of our size and experience with the advantages of a local base.


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