What is industrial rope access?


Qualified personnel using harnesses and rigged ropes in accordance with published guidelines to solve access problems and achieve tasks in the construction, energy and shipping industry.

The benefits of rope access are as follows:

  • Rapid installation and removal of access systems
  • Minimal disturbance to building occupants/pedestrians/traffic flow
  • No effect on building security whilst work is in progress
  • Single point of contact undertakes both the access problem and the task
  • Safe and practical solutions to access problems up to any height


The Key Factor: Use of rope access can save you time and money


Is it safe?

Industrial rope access (as all works at height) is generally described as potentially hazardous, but the hazards can be identified and the risks managed in order to produce a safe work system.

In the UK, the IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and HSE (the Health and Safety Executive) have, over the last 15 years, been working closely together in order to optimise the safety of the method. IRATA has created a worldwide-recognised qualification and the activity has become one of the most controlled of the access sector. As a result, industrial rope access boasts the best safety statistics in the entire British access industry.

At European and Belgian level the activity is equally submitted to strict regulations of personal protection equipment and mobile platforms. The techniques and equipment used by Capaxis are in accordance with these industrial norms.


Why Capaxis? 

We are not the only rope access company in Belgium. Many of our competitors, whilst perhaps struggling to beat us on price, will carry out a good job, why are we any different?

Answer: Customer service

We have a client return rate of over 60% (given that a fair proportion of the remaining 40% will be one-off users). We undertake to turn up at the time we say, do the job we're supposed to do and leave a clean and tidy site, within the agreed budget. We liaise fully with the client at all times - good passage of information is key to a successful relationship. Our personnel are professional and motivated - our equipment maintained to the highest levels.


Please see our guarantee in About us.




Capaxis had its roots in the UK, before relocating its main offices to Belgium. The company possesses operating centres in Brussels and Wavre and has considerable experience in national and international contracts. The history of the company as well as its structure enables us to adopt a flexible attitude and combines the technical possibilities of a company of our size and experience with the advantages of a local base.


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