Telecommunication mast installation, removal and testing


Telecommunication tower services



Capaxis has broad experience in the field of telecommunication tower erection and mast installation, as well as other telecom tower associated tasks, such as testing and maintenance, including:

  • Telecommunication tower installation (roof-top, monopole and pylon sites)
  • Telecommunication mast testing and maintenance with antenna alignment
  • Cell tower testing and maintenance
  • Microwave and mini-link, DCS, GSM, 3G
  • VHF/UHF secure re-broadcast antenna
  • Short-wave aerial arrays
  • Planning and consultation


Our professional rope access services enable us to carry telecommunication tower services worldwide with minimal set-up and removal time.

We rolled out the complete 3G upgrades at Brussels International Airport and for the Antwerp Metro system.


Whilst the majority of our contracts have been in Europe, we operate worldwide and have carried out work on a series of offshore sites, including telecommunication mast installation off the Venezuelan coast.


Our references include
Base, Cegelec, Dutch World Service, Mobistar, MPE Automation (NL), Proximus, Trylon (CAN), DoD (US), NATO/OTAN/SHAPE, MoD (BE)




Capaxis had its roots in the UK, before relocating its main offices to Belgium. The company possesses operating centres in Brussels and Wavre and has considerable experience in national and international contracts. The history of the company as well as its structure enables us to adopt a flexible attitude and combines the technical possibilities of a company of our size and experience with the advantages of a local base.


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Krommeweg 31A
1640 Brussels (RSG)

Tel: +32 475 930232


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