Case study 6


Industrial rope access vs. Scaffolding

GE Plastics, Bergen-Op-Zoom, Netherlands



The brief was as follows:

  • Full visual and photo survey
  • Pull and fix cabling for measuring equipment


Options: Scaffolding or Rope Access




Erections 34 hours   Set up 4 hours
Task 50 hours   Task 60 hours
Dismantle 21 hours   Clear 1 hour
Total 105 hours     65 hours


This is a saving of over 35% in time and time is money.



This was a relatively simple task, but was within the production site. We were able to successfully complete our tasks whilst allowing operations to continue without interruption.

Not only does rope access not require a large ground footprint (unlike scaffolding), but also our ability to complete the contract with minimum of disturbance was another key factor. Mobile platforms were excluded due to their inability to get between the silos and ducting.

We were more effective in every way than the alternatives, and our speed of response has no rival.


"You are the first rope access company that has satisfied our safety conditions, and that has been allowed to work on this site."
Client to the team supervisor


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