Case study 4


Industrial rope access vs. scaffolding

Municipal swimming pool, St. Pieters Woluwe, Brussels, Belgium for Group Baeck Jansen



The brief was as follows:

Paint repairs and corrections working from snag-list to new roof and support structure of swimming pool.


Options: Scaffolding, Rope Access or Cradles






Erection 60 hours   Set up 1 hour   Set up 12 hours
Task 230 hours   Task 160 hours   Task 205 hours
Dismantle 36 hours   Clear 1 hour   Dismantle 8 hours
Total 326 hours     162 hours     235 hours



Value of rope access vs. scaffolding

Traditionally a task involving scaffolding, the table demonstrates how these other forms of access can gain the client flexibility and savings.


Value of rope access vs. cradles

Even mobile platforms require a measure of installation - industrial abseiling does not.


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