Case study 2


Weather sealing
Industrial rope access vs. cradle

Rue Malibran, Ixelles, Brussels



The brief was as follows:

  • Silicone seal to masonry crack on rear elevation, 1.5m in length
  • Inspection of surrounding brickwork for further problems


Options: Cradle or Rope Access




Erection 7 hours   Set up 1 hour
Task 1 hours   Task 1 hour
Dismantle 5 hours   Clear 1 hour
Total 13 hours     3 hours


On this task, we saved the client over 75% in time and time is money.



On this scale of task, rope access will always be unequalled by alternative means of access. The contract was completed quickly and efficiently, the client was extremely happy with the result (his first use of a rope access company). Capaxis' roots are in these types of contract, where our expertise allows us to solve the problem quickly and efficiently - and at minimum cost to the client.


"Your use of ropes allowed me to have a job well done, without delay and well within budget - most of all, it was great not having the hassle of installing scaffolding." 
Olivier Vanderhaeghen (translated from French)


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